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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

GeoMemorial is a commemorative naming program to honor the sacrifice of Saskatchewan citizens who have given their lives in service to our province and our country by naming natural geographic features in their memory; a lasting way to honour their sacrifice.

In 1947, the federal government established a program to honour Canadian servicemen killed in action during WW II by officially naming geographic locations and features in their memory.  Currently, more than 6,000 WW II casualties from Saskatchewan have lakes, islands or bays located throughout the country (based on where they enlisted) named after them; more than 3,900 of those are in Saskatchewan.  When the program was transferred to the provinces in 1960, Saskatchewan geographic features were only named for WW II casualties who were born or raised in the province.  Once the initial WW II program was completed, the GeoMemorial commemorative naming program was extended to include casualties from the Merchant Navy and the Korean War.  In 2006, the program was expanded again to include:

  • Armed Forces Personnel - including Army, Air Force and Navy regular and reserve members and Peacekeepers while on active duty on United Nations sanctioned missions;
  • Police Officers and Emergency Responders - including, but not limited to, all federal, provincial and municipal enforcement officers, members of the Professional Firefighters Association and Emergency Medical Technicians while on active duty; and
  • Saskatchewan People of Prominence - including residents who have made important contributions to the province.

Through the GeoMemorial program, Saskatchewan honors individuals who have lost their lives while on active duty serving their country or protecting the public.  It also honors individuals who have otherwise made a significant contribution to Saskatchewan's history and development.

Any person may nominate an individual for a commemorative geographic place name under the GeoMemorial program.  Before submitting a nomination, please refer to the Commemorative Naming Guidelines (prepared by the Geographic Names Board of Canada and adopted by the Province of Saskatchewan) as well as the GeoMemorial Commemorative Naming Guidelines (Saskatchewan Geographic Names Program), and complete Part 1 or Part 2 of the Geographic Place Name Nomination Form (WORD or PDF versions).  Forward the nomination form and all supporting documentation to:

Saskatchewan Geographic Names Program
Heritage Conservation Branch
Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport
2nd Floor, 3211 Albert Street

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