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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Responsibility for Geographic Place Naming in Saskatchewan

In November 2007, ministerial authority and responsibility for The Geographic Names Board Act was transferred from the Minister responsible for the Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan to the Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport (PCS).  Within PCS, the responsibility for geographic place naming operations was assigned to the Heritage Conservation Branch.

In May 2010, as part of an initiative to streamline government operations and improve administrative efficiency, The Geographic Names Board Act was repealed and the authority for geographic place naming was re-established under Part V.1 of The Heritage Property Act.  Under the Act, reviewing nominations for a new geographic place name or name change, recommending its approval to the Minister, and advising the Minister on any related matter, is the responsibility of the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation or a committee thereof. 

Saskatchewan Geographic Names Program

Besides providing administrative, technical and research support to the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation's geographic naming committee, the Heritage Conservation Branch's Saskatchewan Geographic Names Program also: maintains the official registry of Saskatchewan geographic place names; responds to public and other requests for information on Saskatchewan place names; administers the GeoMemorial Commemorative Naming Program; and represents Saskatchewan on the Geographic Names Board of Canada which develops national toponymy (place-naming) policies, procedures, and standards and maintains the national geographic names database.

How to Propose a New Saskatchewan Geographic Place Name

In addition to serving a vital administrative function, geographic place names typically reflect the culture and heritage of the province and its people from earliest recorded history to the present day.   Today, there are approximately 14,000 official names of populated places, geographic features, parks and reserves in Saskatchewan, including nearly 4,000 named under the GeoMemorial Commemorative Naming Program

New Saskatchewan place names are proposed from various sources, including the general public, and become official through a process of advisory board review and recommendation, followed by approval of the Minister responsible for The Heritage Property Act.

If you wish to propose a new geographic place name or a name change, please follow these Procedures for Geographic Place Name Requests and complete Part 3 of the Geographic Place Name Nomination Form (WORD or PDF versions). 

If you wish to propose a new GeoMemorial commemorative place name, please follow the Commemorative Naming Guidelines as well as the GeoMemorial Commemorative Naming Guidelines (Saskatchewan Geographic Names Program) and complete Part 1 or Part 2 of the Geographic Place Name Nomination Form (WORD or PDF versions).

Competed nomination forms, including all appropriate supporting documentation, should be forwarded to:

Saskatchewan Geographic Names Program
Heritage Conservation Branch
Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport
2nd Floor, 3211 Albert Street

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