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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Starting June 1, 2010 written contracts are now required between artists and anyone wanting to engage, contract, hire or enlist their services.  This is prescribed in The Arts Professions Act (Loi sur les professions artistiques).  The Act also provides a list of basic elements that must be in a contract.  Written contracts are an effective business practice as they help solidify the relationship by providing a clear understanding of the business transaction.  By protecting both parties, written contracts enhance the business relations by making business more straightforward and profitable.

Beyond enforcing written contracts the Act also: recognizes the artist as a professional; provides a definition of a "professional artist"; promotes the valuable contributions artists, art and creativity make to society and the economy; recognizes the importance of fair compensation to professional artists; requires government to adhere to the act; and repeals The Status of the Artist Act.

The Act is one component of the Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport's plan to implement the new cultural policy, Pride of Saskatchewan.


To implement the new legislation, the Government of Saskatchewan worked closely with industry associations to develop a comprehensive, tailored and needs-based educational and awareness strategy.  The goal is to enhance contract knowledge and use among artists and those who hire, engage or contract their services.  Tools have been developed, including contract templates, workshops and checklists, that will help enhance contracting skills in the sector, which are listed below:

  1. Contract Tools: Are you new to contracting and looking for help in writing contracts?  Do you have existing contracts and just want to make sure they comply with the new law?  Do you just want some useful contract tips?  Either way, this section will have something useful for you!
  2. Industry Associations: Do you need more advice on contracting within your discipline?  There are many organizations that exist to provide individual artists and engagers with support and help, whether it is with contract tools, grants or advice. Are you from a jurisdiction outside of Saskatchewan?  This page provides som great links to organizations across Canada!
  3. Copyright in Canada: Knowledge is the best way to protect yourself and your business.  The best way to do that in the creative industries is to be familiar with your rights as an artist or an engager regarding copyright and other intellectual property issues.  This area provides a snap shot on copyright information in Canada.
  4. Legal Resources: Are you looking for a few tips with legal issues?  This area has a few resources that can help you find more information on taking legal action, keeping in mind that the best advice is from a professional lawyer.
  5. Additional Resources for Artists and Engagers: Are you looking for information on benefits for artists?  Or are you new to festivals and events and are looking for some useful tips?  This are hosts information from self-employment benefits for artists to festival checklists.
  6. History: This section will help you understand the journey that led to creation of The Arts Professions Act.

This portal is an evolving site.  If you have a link, see a problem/broken link or a suggestion please contact us at: gerry.folk@gov.sk.ca

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This document provides a list of the basic elements that are required in a contract

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This document outlines the criteria for deefining a professional artist according to the legislation.

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