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Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Government of Saskatchewan delivered on its promise to improve the quality of life for Saskatchewan families with the introduction of the Active Families Benefit (AFB).  

Since its launch in January 2009, the program has been expanded and now a parent or legal guardian of a child under 18 years old during the course of the taxation year, as well as those who turn 18 years old in the tax year, is eligible to receive an annual tax benefit of up to $150 per child per taxation year.

The AFB helps families with the costs of their children's participation in cultural, recreational, and sports activities.  This fully-refundable tax benefit of up to $150 per child helps reduce barriers, promote access and encourage children to participate in activities that are vital to healthy, active living.

The 2015-16 Budget announced that, starting with the 2015 taxation year, the AFB is available only to those families reporting combined incomes of $60,000 or less.

The AFB is administered through the income tax system by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA); therefore, a parent or legal guardian of an eligible child must file his or her personal income tax return with the CRA to claim the benefit amount.

The form or schedule included with the personal income tax return package must be completed and submitted to the CRA.  A parent or legal guardian is not required to submit receipts, but is expected to retain them for verification purposes by the Government of Saskatchewan or the CRA.

To qualify, children must be in a cultural, recreational, or sports program that:

  • is offered by a service provider located in Saskatchewan;
  • involves instruction and supervision by the service provider;
  • provides proper supervision of children;
  • is suitable for children;
  • requires children to actively participate;
  • requires registration with the service provider and the payment of a registration fee or membership fee in order for a child to participate; and
  • complies with all relevant requirements and standards imposed by statute or by any other law (e.g. The Snowmobile Act and The All Terrain Vehicle Act)

Ineligible activities are:

  • programs that take place in a child care facility as part of a child care program;
  • school programs;
  • programs that do not meet the criteria described above; or
  • those provided by an applicant's spouse or common-law partner, siblings, parents and in-laws, grandparents and children.

For more information about the program, please contact:

The Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport
Toll-free: 1-866-951-8828
Fax: (306) 798-3177

Provides information on which programs are included and who may claim the benefit and how.

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