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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Saskatchewan Lotteries System

The lottery-funded system helps non-profit volunteer organizations deliver sport, culture and recreation programs and activities in communities across Saskatchewan.  Through an agreement with the Government of Saskatchewan, proceeds from Saskatchewan Lotteries are dedicated to sport, culture and recreation organizations to benefit communities throughout the province. The Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport has oversight responsibility for ticket lotteries in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Lotteries is operated by Sask Sport Inc., a non-profit organization designated by the Government of Saskatchewan since 1974 to be the provincial marketing organization for lottery tickets in Saskatchewan.  Through an agreement with the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, Sask Sport Inc. operates Saskatchewan Lotteries and markets Western Canada Lottery Corporation products as a fundraiser for sport, culture and recreation.

The Western Canadian Lotteries Corporation (WCLC) is a non-profit organization authorized to conduct and manage ticket lotteries as agent for its Members: the governments of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba.  The WCLC is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of two representatives appointed by each of the Member provinces.  The WCLC is a Regional Marketing Organization of the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation (ILC).  The ILC is authorized to manage and conduct national lotteries.  The WCLC works in conjunction with the provincial and territorial marketing organizations, which is Saskatchewan Lotteries in our province. 

National games marketed by WCLC with ILC include LOTTO MAX and LOTTO 6/49.  In addition, WCLC offers regional games as authorized by its Members including: WESTERN 649, EXTRA, PICK 3, SPORT SELECT, KENO, and a variety of SCRATCH 'N WIN games.

The Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation, was established pursuant to The Interprovincial Lotteries Act (1974), for the purpose of granting funds to eligible, non-profit volunteer organizations in the areas of sport, culture and recreation.  The Trust Fund receives its money from the net proceeds of Saskatchewan Lotteries ticket sales.  Eligible organizations are designated by the Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport based on meeting certain eligibility criteria.  Volunteer committees from the sport, culture and recreation communities review and adjudicate all funding requests made to the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation from eligible organizations. 

Lottery System Partners

The lottery-funded system for sport, culture and recreation is delivered to the people of Saskatchewan through a distribution agreement between the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport and three independent community partners.  These global organizations – Sask Sport Inc., SaskCulture Inc. and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Inc. – collectively represent hundreds of volunteer community organizations and ensure that Saskatchewan Lotteries proceeds benefit communities across the province. 

Approximately 1,200 organizations receive direct funding support and through them, more than 12,000 affiliated sport, culture, recreation and community organizations benefit.  This includes grants to all communities and First Nations bands through the Community Grant Program as well as support for nine Sport, Culture and Recreation Districts.  These sports, culture and recreation groups help make Saskatchewan communities vibrant and provide participation opportunities for people of every age and ability level. 

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