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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport (the Ministry) established the Main Street Saskatchewan Program (MSSP) to support communities in their downtown revitalization efforts.  Through the program, the Ministry provides coaching and training in the Four Point Approach, coordinates networking and other learning opportunities, and promotes the development of the Main Street Saskatchewan brand.  The Ministry also oversees the grant funding that is available to local Main Street programs.

The MSSP is designed to accommodate communities at differing stages of readiness for the Main Street Approach.  The top “Accredited” tier is for communities that are ready to fully implement the Four Point Approach and are able to commit the human and financial resources necessary for success.   Communities in this tier must maintain high performance standards, and are eligible to receive the full package of program services and benefits.  

Communities that want to begin learning how to use the Main Street Approach, but are not ready to make the commitment required for the Accredited tier, can apply to participate as “Affiliate” communities, and receive a reduced level of services.

The governing body of an Accredited program can be a non profit organization formed expressly to implement the Main Street program, a committee of an existing non profit whose mandate aligns with one or more of the Main Street Four Points, or a committee of a Business Improvement District.  At the Affiliate level, a local program can be administered by the municipal government, or by any community based non profit organization that has an interest in downtown revitalization.

Accredited communities are required to establish a volunteer Board of Directors that has overall responsibility for the program’s direction, operation and finances.  Accredited communities must also have a paid program coordinator and four standing committees that correspond to each of the Four Points.  The committees have primary responsibility for implementing the Main Street work plan.  The coordinator manages day to day program administration, supports the Board and committees in implementing the work plan, and serves as a resource person, facilitator, and liaison among business people, property owners, other interest groups and the community at large.

Current Main Street Communities

Accredited Member Since
City of Humboldt 2015 (Affiliate since 2014)
Town of Spiritwood 2015 (Affiliate since 2014)
City of Melfort 2014
City of Swift Current 2014
Town of Maple Creek   2011
City of Prince Albert 2011


Affiliate Member Since
Town of Carrot River 2015
City of North Battleford 2015
Town of Redvers 2015
Town of Kerrobert 2014
City of Regina 2014
Town of Nipawin 2014
City of Moose Jaw 2014
Town of Shellbrook 2014
Town of Watrous 2014

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