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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

For assistance with, or questions related to, these forms and guidelines, please email ARMS@gov.sk.ca.  To open PDF files, download Adobe Reader for free.

The Heritage Review Process

This flowchart explains the steps needed to complete a heritage review and an HRIA!

Submit your project for heritage review!

Buffalo Effigy at RM of Happy Valley No. 10 (F. Korvemaker 1992)

Buffalo Effigy at RM of Happy Valley No. 10 (F. Korvemaker 1992)

After checking the Developers' Online Screening Tool for heritage sensitivity, submit your project for review to determine if a heritage resource impact assessment (HRIA) is necessary. 

  • Aggregate Testing/Pit projects (PDF) (Word)

  • Wellsites - Oil and Gas (PDF) (Word)
  • Flowlines - Oil and Gas (PDF) (Word)
  • Water and Sewage projects (PDF) (Word)  
  • Subdivisions - submit the Application to Subdivide Land
    Please note that this website address changes often.  If the link does not work, you can contact a Community Planning office - Saskatoon at (306) 933-6937 or Regina (306) 787-2725 – for the updated website address of the form. 
  • Seismic projects - submit the Notice of Intent of Seismic Operations form
  • Exploration projects - follow the application guidelines and best management practices listed in the Mineral Exploration Guidelines provided on the Saskatchewan Mining Assocation website
  • All other projects - provide a project description (limited to 1 page) and plans.  The description must include the developer's name and contact information, the current landowner, the legal location of the project, a project description, construction method, size of the development and the current condition of the land (i.e., disturbed vs not disturbed) that will be impacted by the current development.  Refer to the presence of native prairie, forest, cultivation, reseeded pasture and any earlier developments.  

Need a consultant to complete an HRIA?

Policies Related to Heritage Assessments

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Some archaeological sites are deemed especially signficant and are afforded special protection under the The Heritage Property Act.  Find out more about these fragile and unique sites.

SSNvisitorguide.pdf  ( 276.7 KB )
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