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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Regulations and Permit Information

Examples of accessory buildings include detached Garages and/or storage sheds.

All accessory buildings require a building permit application to be issued by Park Services.

The placement of an accessory building on a site must comply with the setback/sizing/lot coverage requirements as defined in section 1.0. All setback distances are measured from the building foundation to the legal property lines. The applicant/lessee is responsible for verifying all property line/building placement locations.

Accessory Building Requirements/Limitations

  • Only single storey accessory buildings are allowed with a maximum attic height of 1.5m (5ft).
  • Maximum number of three (3) detached accessory buildings per lease lot. Subject to maximum total area of all buildings to not exceed 50% total lot coverage
  • Maximum length of anyone side may not exceed 36' (10.9m)
  • Maximum height = 20’ (6.0m) measured from the lowest finished grade level to the peak of the roof.
  • Foundations exceeding 861 sq ft (80 sq metres) may require engineering or other approved foundation types.
  • Detached accessory buildings cannot contain washrooms or sleeping facilities.
  • Detached accessory buildings must be at least 4 ft (1.2) from the dwelling located on the same property.
  • No Construction to occur within 5 ft (1.5m) of the side and rear of the property boundaries and 20 ft (6.0m) from the front of the lease boundary.
  • All roof drainage including downspouts and grading from the building shall be provided to ensure all drainage is being directed away from the site without discharging on to or negatively impacting adjacent property.
  • Maximum eave width is 24” (610mm) and is permitted within the 5’ (1.5m) side and rear and 20’ (6.0m) front setback area.
  • Per section 45 (7) of the Parks Regulations a “Real Property Report” prepared by a Saskatchewan Land surveyor, showing the final location of the new building is required to be submitted prior to final inspection.

Information required for Approval

Please complete date and sign a building permit application.

If you are constructing a building that conforms to our standard accessory building please complete and submit a “Standard Detached Accessory Building Details” form.

If your proposed building does not conform to our standard design (above) then please include.

  • One set of detailed construction drawings.
  • The drawings must be drawn to scale with dimensions and include:
    • A floor plan
    • A cross section
    • Elevations
    • Foundation details
    • Lot plan

Please prepare and submit an accurate site plan (drawn to scale) showing all existing and proposed building(s) placement on the lot inclusive of all dimensions and distances.

Shop drawings from manufacturers must be submitted along with design plans if pre-engineered trusses and/or lintels are being used.

Please include a copy of your most current Real Property Report (if available) with your application.

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